Educational In Kind Donation Fundraising Opportunities

You want more from your fundraiser than just money and that is understandable. Fundraising is a major undertaking that requires weeks of effort to bring together and to be successful so no one can fault you for searching for a school fundraiser that offers some educational benefits. But are there are any proven educational fundraising programs that a normal school can do?

You better believe there are. Some of the most companies that give in-kind donations profitable and successful fundraisers available today are also educational fundraisers. ‘But how can that be since I have not heard of them?’ you might be asking. Well, it is likely because these fundraisers, known as green fundraisers, are a fairly new concept to fundraising but they are taking off and gaining in popularity like no other program.

‘What is a green fundraiser?’ is probably your next question. A green fundraiser is one where the products you sell are environmentally friendly as opposed to a traditional fundraiser that typically consists of cookie dough or candy. Products range from fair trade goods, to recycled material items, to organic foods and even trees with profits reaching as high as 70%.

‘But what is the educational opportunity?’. Environmentalism is a major issue in society today. Green fundraisers bring to the forefront of your fundraising effort some simple yet profound ideas on ways to reduce our impact on the planet and to green up our world at the same time. Many schools will mold lesson plans around recycling, local conservation efforts, and the effects of pollution and deforestation.