What’s So Great About The Oneplus 9R

Starting Wednesday, April 14, individuals in India can purchase the much talked about Oxygen Plus 9R from online stores. The Oxygen Plus has a few key features that set it apart from other smartphones. It also offers very easy on the pocket features for those with a smaller body. So if you’ve thought about purchasing the phone and are eagerly waiting for the upgrade, here s what you should know.

Oxygen Plus – The Oneplus 9R features oneplus 9r an all-metal body and has a unique, curved design. As you might have guessed, this is one of the primary selling points of the smartphone. In addition to that, the phone has been equipped with features such as: AMOLED display, dual cameras, and a very efficient dual-core processor. These two features, along with the large and wide screen, make the Oxygen Plus one of the most popular smartphones in India. It can easily compete with high end smartphones sold in many other countries.

Dual camera modules – This is one of the biggest selling points of the Oneplus 9R. Users are going to love the ability to take photos in both portrait mode and landscape mode. Users also have the ability to shoot in a variety of focal lengths and slow-mo modes. If you think that having a dual camera would prove to be too much on one hand, then you’re wrong because you can easily buy one of the modular camera devices from the market that come with a built-in, separate camera. So you can use the second camera in conjunction with the primary one in order to increase picture quality.

Fast charging – If you’re looking for something that can make your battery last a lot longer while giving you enough power to fully utilize all the features of the Oneplus 9R, then you need look no further than this phone. The Oneplus 9R can charge at a fast rate of charge and that means that you can easily go through a whole day with a full charge. You wouldn’t have to wait for your device to get charged up again even if you’re using your phone continuously. In fact, you can expect your device to charge within 1 hour when using the fast charging feature of the Oneplus 9R.

Storage capacity – You probably bought this device thinking that it would give you more storage space but what you actually got was more battery life. The Oneplus 9R has a single gigabyte of memory which is just enough to hold about three hundred pictures. For high definition video, you will need a high-speed data card like the one that comes with the Oppo HD. You do not need the Oneplus 9R to play high definition videos because you can still get the same quality from the Vodafone Quick Spin as well as the HTC Wildfire.

Battery life – One plus point about this smartphone is that it lasts a long time even with heavy applications installed on it. This is because of its MSM 870 processor which is equipped with an Adreno chip. In contrast to theSnapdragon 870 MSM processor in the iPhone, the Oneplus 9R uses the older technology. Because of the lower battery, users might experience frequent rebooting but this should not bother you because the Android interface allows you to switch back to battery mode very easily.